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Kelly Kelly's sexy stinkface.

The stinkface is often seen as either a comical or humiliating move used by stars on a vunerable opponent often lying on the bottom rope. Popularized by Rikishi, the move is kept alive in the WWE by diva Kelly Kelly.

Kelly often takes great pride in this move. Spanking herself repeatedly to hype the use of the move, Kelly then corners opponent and shoves her sexy rear in her opponents face. She occasionally farts during the stinkface as was said by the bella twins and Layla.

Kelly seems to gain pleasure from humiliating her opponent, often smirking or laughing and taunting her adversary after the move. Her sexiniess adds to the appeal of the move.
Kelly Kelly Stinkfaces Compilation - Feb '12

Kelly Kelly Stinkfaces Compilation - Feb '12

Kelly Kelly performing her sexy stink face on various divas.